Rolemaster Unified

The Dashboard
the heart of everything

This is your starting point. From here you can access all the different tools, select character, etc.

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The Brave browser is the reference browser, for this page.

The Character Tool
an online character sheet

Save the forrests, go digital. Use this online character sheet in your RMU games.

The Spell Books
all your character's spell lists in one place

Each character can have a spell book. Select content from the spell lists you've added.

The Spell Lists
your spell list design tool

A complete editor that allows you to both add the spell list as well as detailed descriptions of all the spells.

The Professions
your profession builder

It's fast, easy, and virtually bullet proof. Build your own professions from scratch.

The Races
your race editor

A compact race builder that helps you to quickly crete your own races for your game.

The Cultures
your own custom cultures starts here

Maybe you need some new cultures too, who knows? Fear no more, anyone can create a new culture in no time.

Look for the How-to Icon

Some pages will have a how-to page linked to them. If you see this icon, that page has a how-to page tied to it. Clicking the icon will take you to the page.


What is RMU?

RMU is an abbreviation for RoleMaster Unified

Why 5150?

Because over here at, we're crazy about Rolemaster...

What is Rolemaster Unified?

Rolemaster Unified is the latest generation of the Rolemaster roleplaying game. In fact, it's so new it's still in beta testing!
But hey, don't let that stop you. As a member of the forum over at Ironcrown, you can get your hands on the current beta rules for play testing.

What is this place?

In it's current state, this page hosts only one thing, the RMU character tool. No afiliation with ICE what so ever, this is purely a fan made product. The Character tool is in beta testing, but I'm working on it and it should be ready and fully functioning soon. If you discover something odd, buggy, broken, or have some opinion you'd like to share just drop me (Thrud) a pm over at the ICE forum (I'm working on getting a dedicated email for this page).

The character tool is not intended as a replacement for the Rolemaster books, I have left the rules and descriptions out of the character sheet on purpose. If you want/need the rules, you get them through the proper channels. For the game to thrive, people need to actually purchase the products. You can only get the beta rules over at Ironcrown by signing up as play tester.