How To... Character Sheet

General Concepts


If you start typing in a field equipped with the autocomplete feature, the word will automatically be filled in with the best match from a database with relevant words. To accept the autocompleted word just hit Enter, Tab or click somewhere else to remove focus from the field.
Some fields allow only words from a preselected list, others allow free user input.

Dice Rolls

All random values are of the "true random type" and based on atmospheric noise.

Show/Hide a section's contents

Toggle show/hide section contents. The skill section works a little differently than the other sections. When you hide the skill section, you will still see any skills marked as favorites (the star marking).


Race [Autocomplete, strict]

As soon as a race is selected, relevant race data will be added to the sheet.

Culture [Autocomplete, strict]

As soon as a culture is selected, the culture skills gained from adolescence will show up in the skill section. Proceed by assigning the ranks to the proper skills on the sheet. This is done by typing the number of ranks directly into the ranks column for each skill. Some skills require specializations, more on that in ske skills section.


Realm(s) are entered as a comma separated list. This is not even half as exotic as it sounds, it simply means that if you need to enter more than one realm, just reparate them by a comma.
Choose between Channeling, essence, and Mentalism. Arcane is currently not recognized as a realm of it's own.

Profession [Autocomplete, strict]

Once a profession is chosen, a selection of allowed professional skills will apear in the skills section. Proceed by selecting 10 skills as professional skills for your chracter. Skill costs will also get assigned to the skills at this point, as will stat bonuses.


Temp, Pot, and Bonuses

Only the temp, pot and misc columns are editable. The race column is automatically filled in when a race is selected. The Misc column is intended for any bonuses that fall outside the regular temp bonuses and racial bonuses.


Enter height using inches


Enter weight using lbs.

Size Category

If needed, change size code using roman numerals.

Miscellaneous Data


If you have any special bonuses, enter them on the indicated row. The General subsection contains relevant data that doesn't really fit anywhere else.


Enter any special RR bonuses on the indicated row. Sub section for Resistance Rolls.


Add a New Talent Slot

Click the button to add a new row.

Remove a Row

Simply erase any content from the row and it'll get removed.

Enter New Talent

Type in the name of the talent on the new line. If it's an existing talent from the core rules, autocomplete will also add the costs for the talent. After the name of the talent has been entered, press enter or click outside the row to deselect the row. Doing this instructs the browser to save the talent as a new entry.

Edit Talent

Once a talent's name has been entered, you can reselect the row and freely edit the content.

The Finished Results

This is what it should look like when you're done.

Adjust DP

You pay for the talent by manually adjusting the DP. Talents will subtract from the DP total while flaws will add to the DP total.


Skill Totals

The skill totals are continously updated in real time, you never have to think about it.


Knacks are listed as +5 bonuses. You are allowed to assign up to half of the total knacks bonus to a skill. Knacks are assigned in increments of 5. The knacks bonuses should be entered in the misc column for the skills. Once a knack has been assigned, click the row saying "+5 knack to any one skill" to remove it (register it as spent).

Culture Skills

To assign the ranks gained from culture skills, add the number of ranks directly to the ranks column. Once the ranks has been spent, click the skill in the list to remove it.

Professional Skills

A character gets to select 10 skills as professional skills. By checking the checkbox next to the chosen skill, you select it as one of your 10 professional skills. Bonuses are automatically tracked by the sheet. Once finished with selecting professional skills, click done.

Selecting Favorites

Click the star to mark a skill as favorite.

Add New specialization

A new row is added to the sheet underneath the skill.

Choose Specialization [Autocomplete, loose]

Enter the name of the new specialization in the skill column of the newly created row.

Removing a Skill Specialization

Delete the row by erasing the name of the specialization.

Final Results

It should look something like this.

Purchasing New Ranks

Check a checkbox to purchase a new rank.

Skill Costs

Once profession is selected the skill costs are automatically populated.

The Ranks Column

When a character levels up, any newly purchased ranks will automatically be added to the existing ranks. If needed you can manually edit the number of skill ranks for a skill. Remember to adjust DP accordingly as well if you are using this for rapid skill development.



Coin weight is automatically tracked and included in encumbrance calculations.


Add New Item

A new row is added to the bottom of the Gear section.

Enter Item specifics

Enter the name, location and weight of the new gear. Encumbrance calculations continuosly track the gear and weight must be entered in lbs.

Removing Gear

Delete the row by erasing the item description.

Final Results

It should look something like this.


Add New Weapon

A new row is added to the bottom of the Weapons section.

Enter Weapon specifics

Enter the name, attack table used, fumble range, strength, possible bonus, location and weight of the new weapon. Encumbrance calculations continuosly track the weapons and weight must be entered in lbs.

Removing a weapon

Delete the row by erasing the weapon description.

Final Results

It should look something like this.


Any armor data entered is used to calculate potential bonuses and/or penalties.


The place to keep all your nots that won't fit anywhere else. Pressing Enter will create a new line.

How it's done...

Just fill out the fields in the description section. Then use the up/down buttons to change the price of a skill.The counter (blue disc in the bottom right corner) will tell you about the balance. The target is having 0 when you're done.

Lastly you should select the professional skills for the profession by checking the boxes nex to any skill you'd like to include. Usually 15-16 skills are listed as professional skills, but it's up to you to make the final decision on which skills to include and how many.

Spell list builder how to

Spell book builder how to

How it's done...

Just fill in the name and description of the race. Then fill in any bonuses (or penalties) to the stats. Lastly add any racial talents that are appropriate. This is inserted as text string, one talent per row. Adjust the DP's for the talents by manually editing the DP's in the counter (blue disc, lower right corner).

How it's done...

Just add the name of the culture, and start assigning ranks. The counter (blue disc) will tell you how many DP you have left.

The General Concept

Content added by you exist only on your current device.
The reason for this is complete physical separation of user content. No one else should be able to access your content. By keeping all content local, you ensure that only you and whomever you might share content with has access to your content. Files are tiny and can easily be transferred between devices whenever you like. Always make local backups on your harddrive to ensure nothing accidentally getting wiped.

The Sections


Existing characters available on the current device.

Example Characters

Example characters available for inclustion in your roster.

Spell Books

Every character can have a spell book with spell lists. Create your selection from the spell lists available in the spell list section.

Spell Lists

Spell lists available on this device. Enter the spell lists you would like to include in a character's spell book.Create your own or copy existing ones.


Existing custom professions available on this device.


Existing custom races available on the current device.


Existing custom cultures available on the current device.

How it's done...

Create something new

This should be pretty self explanatory, but to create a new whatever, just click the appropriate "create new..." button.

Open an existing something

This one shouldn't need much explaining either. Just click tha appropriate "open" button and it'll open in the current window.

Remove something

Delete one of your existing projects. Nothing too complicated here, just click the remove button, and it's gone.

Saving / Making backups

Everything you do is instantly automatically saved locally in your browser. But to make sure nothing gets accidentally wiped, you should always make backups.
Download the content that you would like to backup by clicking the appropriate download button and save it on your device. The downloaded file is an encrypted zip-file containing all the data necessary to recover the content. That's it, you're done.

Uploading Content

whenever you like to upload some previously downloaded content for whatever reason.
Just click the appropriate upload button and select the file from your device storage. That's all there's to it.

Transferring content between devices.

To transfer content to another device or share it with a friend, this is how it's done.

  1. Download the content that you would like to transfer by clicking the appropriate download button and save it on your device. The downloaded file is an encrypted zip-file containing all the data necessary to transfer the content to another device.
  2. Send the zip-file to the new device in whatever way you like. File transfer, email, etc. The files are small, so size shouldn't be an issue.
  3. Open the dashboard on your new device.
  4. Click the appropriate upload button, and proceed with uploading the zip-file.
  5. Presto! You're done.